Summer Jamboree


The hottest rockin’ holiday on Earth

Close your eyes and open them again in Senigallia on a hot, carefree, August night. You will find yourself launched into an Elvis Presley film or an episode of Happy Days. Amidst rockers and pin-up stars in perfect 1950’s style , who crowd the streets of the town and could easily be mistaken for Betty Page or Otis Redding, who in turn would certainly be exhilarated by the wonderful atmosphere of the “ Summer Jamboree”, international festival of 1940’s and 1950’s American music and culture , now at its tenth edition! Since 2000, Senigallia has plunged into 1950’s culture and turns into rock and roll city, thanks to this important festival, which has become the first of its kind in Italy and third in the world, totally dedicated to rock and roll. At night, you can listen to live swing, rhythm & blues, rockabilly and let your hair down at the Swing Parties dancing jive, lindy hop and boogie-woogie until dawn, or perhaps on the beach, barefoot at the famous Hawaiian Party. During the day, the “hottest rockin’ holiday on Earth” offers dance workshops, Cajun food and vintage market stalls or original 50’s hair stylists. Fans arrive from all over the world, as do the DJs and the superb often exclusive artists, who keep the party swinging for nearly ten days of great rock and roll.

from 4th to 12th August 2012


Office: Associazione Summer Jamboree

Site: Via Testaferrata, 42

Telephone: Tel. Fax +39.(0)71.7929264 – Infoline: +39.392.2392838

Mail address: